Dr. Scot

pictureDr. Scot has been teaching for 29 years.  She has taught at every grade level, from preschool to graduate school, in many states across the country including Virginia, California, Idaho, Washington and North Carolina.  Children's engineering, inquiry-based science, robotics, math, and instructional coaching have featured heavily in her past experiences.  She has most recently been teaching in the College of Education at East Carolina University, "GO PIRATES", helping preservice and inservice teachers learn how to use technology in their classrooms to teach at higher levels of thinking and to increase student engagement with the content. "When students are engaged, they open to the learning process and are willing to take on challenges for hours on end.  This is what led me to get my doctoral degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Virginia--student engagement for learning.  I love to learn and I want my students to feel that passion and power too!" 

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